Crochet Daisy Lampshade

Crochet Daisy Lampshade

Proudly displayed at the fair.

A couple of months ago I was approached by a ladies committee wanting to know, if I’d like to crochet some upmarket, uniquely different items for an upcoming market.

My reply to them was “cool, no sweat”, as if I was asked this on a regular basis. That evening while dining on a gourmet meal of avo on toast, I nonchalantly mentioned to Lovie that I was asked to crochet for the fair.………

Ok let’s rewind….the scenario actually played out like this; “cool, no sweat” was my reply as my stomach did a bunjee-jump-splat (there is such a thing) before smashing into my brains. I went screeching home to Lovie and was like“theywantmetocrochetstuffforthefairwhatamigoingtomakeF%$65k” at 1000 words per minute.

Lovie looked at me and calmly said “crochet a lampshade, you always threatening too”………so I pulled myself towards myself, and crochet one.

I loved it, so did my mother, my brother, my Godchild, Sibongile the maid and even Lovie smiled, when he saw it.

It’s the kitchiest thing I’ve ever made and it never fails to bring a smile to anyone who sees it.

So go  on, make one.

Materials you will need:

  • Wool -DK Pullskein – White (approx. 50g)
  • Wool -DK Pullskein – yellow (scraps)
  • Hook size: 3mm
  • Small pale yellow button for each flower
  • 1 small lamp with shade
  • Fabric glue and small paint brush

Stitches used:

To make the flowers (U.S) – I needed 56x little flowers to cover my lampshade

  • In yellow make 6 sc in a magic circle


  • ch 4 and slst into the 1st ch to join and then 6sc into the ring.20160828_151350334_iOS
  • Change colour to white with a slst to any stitch then Ch 5, 3tc, ch 5, slst all in the same stitch, then (slst, ch 5, 3tc, ch5, slst) into the remaining 5 stitches – 6 petals 20160828_151142437_iOS
  • End off and leave a 10cm thread so you can use this thread to sew on the button.
  • Sew on the button. Neaten off.
  • To glue the flowers to the lampshade I dabbed a little glue on the back of the flower with a small paintbrush and then held it down for a few seconds. With the other hand I gently blew hot air over it (using my hairdryer) so the glue could set. I started on the top of the shade and moved around. I glued 3 or 4 at a time then left them to dry for 30 min before doing the next set… exercise in patience.
  • After I finished the top row I then worked on the 2nd row by gluing flowers between the top row of flowers….hope this makes sense…check out the pic for an idea.
  • Repeat until your lampshade is completed covered in pretty little daisies.




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