My mother called me a late bloomer because I’ve been known to cook a roast chicken in a plastic bag instead of a roasting bag and now I earn a living as a chef. Or maybe, because I knitted my boyfriend a jersey with 3 sleeves and no neck and now, I crochet & cook like a ninja.

My mom was right. I left home and couldn’t even boil an egg and people who did needlework & knitting were sooooo lame, so geeky!

3Obviously things changed; I got married, learnt to cook, even did needlework and sewed clothes for my kids…true story.

Then 12 years ago I got divorced, started a cooking school, became a house -hold name, raised 3 children who I love dearly from afar and like when they’re at home, met Lovie (the love of my life) made a life-style change and moved to the country, where we and Jack (the dog) live in a home made for entertaining and long Sunday lunches….life is simple now.