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Baked Potato & BBQ chicken filling concoction.

Last week-end I got to spend some time with my sister Tracey and her family. As always we end up reminiscing about the good ole days. Tracey has an amazing memory and can recall every event and word from 20 years ago. She loves to remind me how I cooked a chicken in a plastic… Continue reading Baked Potato & BBQ chicken filling concoction.

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The ‘old ladies’ Christmas Cake

My granny Margaret, nicknamed the ‘old lady’ by her very own children, had purple hair, a mole on her chin with a hair growing out of it, 12 children (seriously) and a gazillion grandchildren…..I was her favourite of course. Although I loved my granny I honestly never knew her and although we spent a lot… Continue reading The ‘old ladies’ Christmas Cake


The Simplicity of a Simple Beef curry

I work in a small country club kitchen with a lovely bunch of ladies. I’m forever saying things like “ooh this dish is gourmet” or  even better, ‘gourmet of gourmet’” and you know you’ve hit the jackpot, when I burst forth with “gourmet of ALL gourmets” “this dish is not going to win any awards” or “my… Continue reading The Simplicity of a Simple Beef curry


Boys, a mom and lost sock ‘things’

You might not know this about me, but I’m actually a mother of 3, 2 boys and a daughter, Teagan (you’ve heard me mention her in previous posts). She is a mini me – loves to play housey house, cooks, has verbal diarrhoea, loves scrabble and has a psychotic bladder. I get her and she… Continue reading Boys, a mom and lost sock ‘things’

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Big Girl Crunchies.

Women in my family have psychological problems regarding our bladders……………………………..bear with me here. Coming home for me is like a scene from an action movie……………a car screeching to a halt, sprinting for the front door while unbuckling the belt, trying to get the key into the door as fast as you can, tripping over the bag & parcels… Continue reading Big Girl Crunchies.

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Crochet newborn beanie & leggings pattern.

There are so many clever people out there, clever people who measure every inch of a newborn baby…..the circumference of their little heads, the widths of their chests, the inches from their waist to their ankles even to their tiny little feet. This information is extremely useful when trying to make a crochet newborn outfit (leggings… Continue reading Crochet newborn beanie & leggings pattern.